partner with alacia

Being an independent artist allows Alacia the freedom to keep her message exactly the way God gives it, which is extremely important to her.  This independence, however, can also be financially and physically draining for Alacia due to a limited amount of resources.  That's where she needs your help.  In 2014, Alacia teamed up with Artists in Christian Testimony, International.  This is an organization that specializes in helping artists like Alacia secure and maintain funding for their specific ministries.  Alacia's music and TeamEADIt, Inc. are both departments of A.C.T. Intl., so any donations made to either of these departments are collected and accounted for through them.  Read a little more about Alacia's plans for both departments, and if you feel led to give, donations of any size will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.


Artists in christian testimony, intl

Alacia is a native of Adel, GA, now residing in Metro-Atlanta. She has been in love with music her whole life, and she has accepted the call to share the gospel with the world through her music and testimony. Alacia has released two professional albums(Passionate Praise and Expected End), written and produced a gospel stage-play for teens (Everybody Ain't Doing It:The Musical), and she is now working on her third musical project and second play. God has truly gifted this young woman with compassion for people and a unique way to share His goodness and love with them. 


Teameadit inc.

TeamEADIt is an organization created to combat negative stereotypes of young women. “EADIt” is an acronym that stands for “Everybody Ain’t Doing It”, the title of a song penned by the organization’s founder. Initially created in August 2012 and officially incorporated on March 27, 2013, this organization is intended to encourage teenage girls to achieve excellence in academic and civic endeavors. TeamEADItmembers contribute to their community year-round, volunteering and hosting events that uplift and empower all people.